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Pure Divine Newsletters 2012

February 27th

“2012: The Eye of the Needle”

Part 2

By Isaac George

Part 2 - (scroll down for Part 1)

Reclaiming our Dignity

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:35-36)

What we perceive and remember is predominantly determined by such a huge range of factors that it is almost impossible to determine what is the truth of ourselves and the situation often termed ‘the human condition’ that we find ourselves in. The novelist Oscar Wilde spoke to this when he quipped “most people are other people’, meaning that if questioned objectively, we would soon discover that most of what we believe or is the foundation of our behaviour is ultimately the result of benign programming – the absorption of the thoughts and feelings that we’ve been accumulating from other people and the social environment for decades. I assure you that the rabbit hole goes much deeper than that.

Consider the possibility that everything we know is wrong. By ‘wrong’, I don’t mean evil or that people are wrong. I mean ‘flawed’ or misperceived because we are wired to do so. This wiring is actually mis-wiring or re-wiring. What we all sense is that somewhere along the way, our original and true nature was subverted or diverted, and that we’ve been trying to regain our place in the Garden of Eden ever since. We’ve become used to feeling inadequate, marginalized, belittled, helpless, powerless, unloved, unwanted, incapable, and lost. We’ve also spent a great deal of energy and time trying to release ourselves from these feelings and thoughts, and most of us have experienced some level of it at one time or another, and we’ve also probably had the experience of ‘backsliding’ into negative thinking and fear as well. There aren’t very many completely self-actualized human beings on the Planet right now, though we’d like to think we’re part of that group.

At the centre of the human spirit is the Divine Spirit that is infinite, indestructible, eternally intelligent and loving. We, meaning our egos and its invention - the logical conditioned mind, appears to be quite in the way of experiencing that fully. This is part of the corrupted internal wiring. Many spiritual and shamanic practices attempt to restore the ‘uplink’ to our true nature or ‘being’ Self. In some instances the process is so successful that this or that individual seems to fully transcend the world of sorrows and conditions and dwells in a state of Grace. Nothing he or she thinks, says or does is done unconsciously or without Love. Most individuals experience a temporary reprieve through the practices chosen, and create pathways which short-circuit the dominant patterns hard-wired into the logical mind and DNA. We get a ‘high’ or glimpse the truth beyond the Matrix, but at some future point there is a come-down, a relapse, and we find ourselves back in ordinary reality with all of its challenges and disappointments. This phenomenon is often referred to as the post-workshop blues.

One of the key qualities at the Core Essence of each individual manifestation of Source Awareness is that of dignity. Dignity is the inherent value of being. To dignify something is to exalt its value above the mundane or temporal. When we feel that we are slighted or made to feel ‘less than’, our dignity takes the hit. Feeling ‘not good enough’ is the mis-wired pattern that arises because we have never experienced our own dignity. Said another way, we’ve never fully remembered our own divinity, so how can we possibly know what it is like to feel our dignity as a living, breathing God-expression? Neither are we fully capable of seeing others in this light. Hence, the battle lines are drawn, and the armies of ignorance engage fiercely in a life and death struggle that means absolutely nothing.

One of the many ways that we demean ourselves and give away our power to outside authorities it to feel ‘not good enough’ or ‘don’t know enough’. These two internalized concepts can sometimes be softened through affirmations, self-help or motivational programs, or aggressive management training techniques. Being on top, being the winner, being a success is the fix that seeks to quiet the inner nagging voice of ‘not good enough’. The price for this over-weighted positivism is a high-stress, high stakes battle to keep negative thinking and negative feelings submerged or at least under control. Nonetheless, they are still there, wreaking havoc on the psyche and spirit, and if left unresolved, inside our bodies.

As we view the ever-increasing preoccupation with security in our various societies, we might be able to glimpse the overall dysfunctional and competitive motivation behind the apparent need for security and stability. To create anything and call it ‘secure’ is to invite its opposite. I mentioned this dichotomy in the last newsletter, “Digital Deception”, in which I quote from Jaron Lanier’s book “You Are Not a Gadget.” In the book Jaron describes the futility of creating perfect security, whether it is in cyberspace or in societies. Someone’s always going to come up with a better mousetrap, and someone’s always going to discover a way to circumvent it. At least that’s the case in this duality-based matrix.

In any case, this preoccupation with paranoia is part of the mis-wiring. It presupposes that life is threatening and dangerous, and procedures and structures must be created and maintained to ‘prevent’ the unthinkable. In a holographic dualistic Universe, whatever you are fascinated with you get more of, and you get both polarities as well. It is said fear is a powerful motivator…Love is a better one.

What is happening globally, and especially in western societies, is a deliberately designed program to attack the dignity of individuals. You may scoff at the ‘deliberate’ part, until one looks at the pattern behind the headlines. It is true that what drives the behaviour is the corrupted part of the ego-mind, but what corrupted it in the first place? Individual people are for the most part pretty fear-based but generally good at heart. However, when certain patterns are activated, the guy down the street may became capable of violent and horrific acts, and so could you. Right now the overwhelming pattern being marketed combines the perception of lack with a sense of a constant state of threat. The cortisol levels in most individuals are flooding the bloodstream and tissues with high doses of fight or flight programming. This makes the masses vulnerable to manipulation, and willing to forego their dignity for a little security…or the promise of a lot of security.

In the United States, the security paradigm is reaching epidemic proportions. President Obama signed the most controversial legislation into law on January 1st, 2012. This bill, known as the National Defence Appropriations Act or NDAA essentially guts all Constitutional protections for individual U.S. citizens. You can now be arrested within the borders of the United States (or anywhere in the world for that matter) by U.S. military forces and be detained indefinitely without charge or representation. Combined with Obama’s ramped up overseas assassinations and drone-based killings, and the recent announcement of new legislation authorizing the deployment of 30,000 drone spy planes inside of the United States by 2015, and you get a picture more Orwellian than even George Orwell imagined! Super Bowl Sunday drew more attention than either of these two previous newsworthy items combined. There are some interesting counterpoints to the insanity, and two examples are to be found here, and here. Those who fly on a regular basis into or around the U.S. will also be quite aware of the presence of TSA and the body scanners. They’ve gotten a bit more bad press of late: check this out - TSA Forces Woman to Use Naked Body Scanner.

To reclaim our dignity it is essential to discover and heal the ‘primal wound’. This is a phrase described in a book by the same name, that is based on the science of psychosynthesis, a core counselling tool that includes a belief in the soul, Self and Spirit. When we speak of human ‘rights’, and especially as in the language of the U.S. Declaration of Independence which accords all human beings as being endowed by the Creator with ‘inalienable’ rights, it is important to understand that our rights are implicit with our dignity. The primal wound is the sense of ‘not good enough’ that has its roots in many places. In psychosynthesis it is referred to as non-being. Some shamanic viewpoints describe the ‘not-Self’. It is this part of our psyche that feels cut off, alienated, unsafe, abandoned and lonely. If we perceived as infants that there was no one who could ‘see’ us in an empathic way, then the mind determines this is “I don’t exist.” This reinforces the alienation, and we are forever looking for a reflection from others that will tell us we’re okay. When this condition is projected onto leaders and figures of authority, the result is predictable. We’ll sell our birthright for a mess of junk, thinking that someone else will take care of us, which of course, they never do. The cycle of abuse and betrayal ends when we own our pain, and regain our Self.

The Remembrance of the Light

“Enter the narrow gate, for the gate is wide and the road is spacious which leads to destruction, and many are those who are going in it.” (Matthew 7:13)

At the nexus point of past and future, 2012 looms large in the global consciousness. We stand at the threshold of the mass awakening of our species, and also in the paradox of simultaneously peering into the abyss of oblivion. The choice we make individually to fully awaken to our true nature, the divine within, does and will impact the collective consensus reality, and the Planetary Consciousness. The propelling impetus in our local space is the Sun-Son that is translating and projecting masses of intelligent coding from galactic centre, activating stellar codes in the DNA and cellular membranes, calling us to fully individuate. At the same time, each individual is encountering a choice point in every moment between fear and love, and contending with the pull and enticement offered through the artifice of the world systems and beliefs which bombard us through the electro-space of media and the psychic space of 7 billion minds co-existing within a prison without walls. The ante is raised exponentially with each emanation from a coronal mass ejection from the Sun, and with each further collapse or dislocation caused by an outworn control system lurching from one self-generated crisis to another. This apparent chaos is the natural passage from a phase of darkness moving into Light. To navigate through such a quantum event requires a reorientation of everything you think you know about everything. In order to move beyond fear-based duality, one must confront that which is most uncomfortable about our individual and collective past.

Sunlight is disappearing. Or rather, it is becoming over-filtered due to the extensive aerial spraying known as chemtrails. I won’t go into the details here, but encourage you to become aware of this issue and do your own research. Recently, chemtrails are being cited as a major cause of Vitamin D deficiency and related health problems. When less full spectrum sunlight reaches our Planet’s surface due to the presence of hazy overcast caused by chemical components suspended in the upper atmosphere, then we are not only deprived of the source of natural stimulation of Vitamin D production in our bodies through solar exposure, our pineal glands are also denied access to the very Light-based intelligence that informs and directs our connection to Source Consciousness. To remember ourselves completely, we will have to have adequate exposure to solar light, which is the Light of Source expressed in the solar and terra spheres. This scientific and spiritual fact was expressed in the words of the Master Jesus as: “For the lamp of the body is the eye: if thine eye be single, thy whole body also will he light; but if thine eye be evil, thy whole body also is dark. If therefore the light in thee is dark, thy darkness -- how great it will be!* A further commentary may be viewed here: http://crossingtheriver.wordpress.com/2011/05/23/if-thy-eye-be-single/

The pineal gland is comprised of the same cells as your physical eye, and even contains what looks to be lenses. Allowing your skin to be exposed to the radiant sunlight is important for your body to produce Vitamin D, and therefore serotonin. Lifting your face to the Sun and staring at it with your eyes partially closed allows bio-electrical interface of your body to receive a higher nourishment and activation from the Sun. [Do NOT stare into the Sun directly with open eyes, as this will cause retinal damage!] Even a short time, fifteen to twenty minutes a day, is sufficient to recharge your physical immune system, your DNA and ‘light’ bodies. Even with chemtrails, you can still absorb important benefits from the Sun.

Remembrance of your true spiritual heritage is the guarantee of the passage through the narrow way, the ‘eye of the needle’. There is nothing that need be grasped for or worked for in order to reclaim your power, and step into your birthright. You are already a Son and Daughter of the Most High, and there is no requirement to satisfy in order to realize this truth. It is, as the framers of the U.S. Declaration of Independence put it, these truths are self-evident.

Just the beginning…

The truth will set you free. The truth is in there (sorry X-Files!). We’re just at the edge of the greatest opportunity known to humankind. Freedom is here, now…if you’ll let it. Let it be then, let it ring and resound. Declare your independence – from fear, from the roots of prejudice and indoctrination. Give not your power away in order to stay safe. Run from safety, and toward sanity. You are eternal and nothing is ever lost. Nothing…is ever lost.

This is just the beginning, just the raw edge of knowing. And, you know it, you can feel it. Nothing will ever be the same again, ever.
Be that which you are, transcendent man or woman. Surrender to the Light that is in you, and that is You. Look directly at the distortions and agendas of the world, and be not in denial, but in awareness of that which you see, you know that it is already dying, already dissolving in the presence of Love that is permeating the Planet. For as Christ spoke, “be of good joy, for behold, I have overcome the world.” We will be overcoming the world – this world that is collapsing and fading. The New Earth is the New Heaven.

The transcendent heart is the key of where to begin.
It is just beginning…

“The soul is the perceiver and revealer of truth. We know truth when we see it, let sceptic and scoffer say what they choose. Foolish people ask you, when you have spoken what they do not wish to hear, ‘How do you know it is truth, and not an error of your own?’ We know truth when we see it, from opinion, as we know when we are awake that we are awake. It was a grand sentence of Emanuel Swedenborg, which would alone indicate the greatness of that man’s perception,–”It is no proof of a man’s understanding to be able to affirm whatever he pleases; but to be able to discern that what is true is true, and that what is false is false, –this is the mark and character of intelligence.” In the book I read, the good thought returns to me, as every truth will, the image of the whole soul. To the bad thought which I find in it, the same soul becomes a discerning, separating sword, and lops it away. We are wiser than we know.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Oversoul.

In Courage,

*All references sourced from the Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010)

February 21st

Introduction from Isaac to the 'new' Spiritlife Newsletter:

I began the Spiritlife Newsletter in 1999 after I started channeling Archangel Ariel and other emissaries of Light. This was not a vocation I sought, but one that rather seemed thrust upon me. However, my comfort with the energy and the messages grew and expanded over the years, and I felt the hand of guidance and comfort every step of the way.

In 2004, after my marriage to Lynn and relocation to Europe, I had to step away from the limelight and enter the cave of integration. From that sabbatical, I birthed a book and a musical CD. I also grappled with demons of doubt and questioned deeply my own experience of the previous ten years, while at the same time investigating and deepening my inner connection. I am now moving outward again, and feel strongly inspired to follow my Spirit without hesitation, and speak from Presence courageously. My motivation and passion is from Love – love of others, the Planet, and most of all, for Spirit.

Along with a new website which will be launched soon, I will produce more audio and video Podcasts that will offer insights and guidance from what I feel is essential for gracefully moving through the adventures that lie ahead. These will be available for a small donation, and will be available for download only. I am starting to record and produce guided meditations and soundscapes for relaxation, which will be available via download or CD for minimal cost.

There may be less written material as I will instead be utilizing my time by making more public appearances. I will also arrange gatherings through online mini-seminars, featuring guided meditations and topical matter. Phone and video conferencing may also become a possibility by mid-year.

The process of transferring the entire library of channelled material from cassette tapes to the digital domain is still in the works. Once complete, the entire catalogue will be available as MP3 downloads at a minimal cost.

My sincere thanks to each and every one of our subscribers, and I look forward to journeying with you during these momentous times!

In Peace,

“2012: The Eye of the Needle”

By Isaac George

Part 1 -

“The Starting Gun”

“I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:23-24)*

2012. Well, we’ve made it this far, haven’t we? We’d all love to have a crystal ball or some other way to glimpse what this year holds in store for us and the planet. Of course, one way to view the future is to examine the past and the choices and decisions that we are making in the present. If we are creating ‘our’ reality, then it is determinate on where our attention is right now, and how much our past conditioning is influencing that. As the Oracle in The Matrix quipped, “that’ll bake your noodle.”

One of things that can give us a sense of future trends is astrology, and although I use astrology to assist myself and clients, I don’t really like to tag myself as an ‘astrologer’. Astrologically speaking, with our continued movement into the era of Uranus in Aries, our use of labels will become even more inadequate and frustrating…more on that later. Astrology is the essence of the Mayan Calendar, or virtually any calendar you can think of. The Sumerians, the Vedic masters in ancient India, and the Persians all contributed to the sciences of astronomy and astrology, and viewed them as interdependent systems. Modern-era scientific arrogance has traditionally viewed astronomy as a science, and given short shrift to astrology.

Since my humble beginnings in astrology sixteen years ago, from time to time I’ve tracked both personal and major world events through the astrological filter. In more cases than not, the art of timed astrology, or transits, has been fairly accurate, to stunningly accurate. Some events, however, have downright missed the target by a country mile. This is why science debunks astrologers – it’s all down to how the data is interpreted. The same scientists then conveniently ignore that most science is formulated through theory, and is subject to different interpretations of data. So, different folks will have different takes on the alignments in the heavens above, and after inserting their own personal bias, be left holding the brass ring, or the lump of coal. We are, after all, dealing with a system of reality that is always moving, and always changing. Once you’ve looked at the future, you’ve changed it, because you’ve looked at it. That last bit was from a movie starring Nicholas Cage called “Next.”

Now, one of the hallmarks of the planet Uranus, which is now fully in the sign of Aries until the end of this decade, is that it is unpredictable. Astrologers can try to forecast (based on looking back at other eras in history when similar aspects were in force) that this or that thing may happen. But with Uranus, sudden surprise on the order of lightning striking is the order of the day. Okay, Uranus and Pluto are doing a slow waltz for the next four years or so, and it will not be graceful. Details are sketchy, but the trend or flow is that the energy of Uranian consciousness is to exalt the individual, or the individuation of the each Soul above that of earth-based, human designed systems and bureaucracies.

Retrospective: Uranus was on the last degrees of Pisces in January through March in 2011. The Arab Spring was Uranus-induced. So was the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Fukushima, Japan on March 11th, when Uranus passed out of Pisces (earthquake-tsunami) and into Aries (fire, uranium fuel) within the two-hour timeframe of this epic event. Uranus is the awakener, the Lord of Kundalini, the revolutionary, the harbinger of chaos and change. Occupy Wall Street and similar movements arising spontaneously, without any single individual celebrity to galvanize and direct it, is Uranus in Aries par excellence’. Pluto in Capricorn (austerity, debt, entrenched power in the state, corporations and finance) is in a tight and tense dance with Uranus. There are five exact and stressful squares between these two energies over the next four years, with the next one happening in late June 2012. The fires of revolution and change may be dampened by the winter season in the northern hemisphere, but this is the calm before the storm.

I have no predictions for what’s ahead. However, I feel that there are a number of concepts and actions we’ll need to navigate through it. One is peacefulness. The other is dignity, and the strong determination to no longer give our power away to anything external. Uranus in Aries is the warrior amplified and divinely-directed. Pluto in Capricorn represents the status quo, which are the ‘systems’ and the people who are invested in them. One of our biggest blind spots is seeing a dysfunctional system creating misery and injustice, and then thinking that the system or structure is the only thing at fault, while ignoring that it is people who make the system or organization, and it is their perspectives, beliefs, and dogma that gives life to the structure, and who attempts to defend and perpetuate it. How does one reason with a crazy person? You can’t, but many Uranian warrior types will try to do juecede a new vision taking root ast that. This won’t work. There is no compromise possible when the game is weighted so heavily in favour of the dominant paradigm. Only two options left: do nothing and withdraw from the game, or create a new paradigm while not trying to fix or reform the old one. That is the potential of Uranus in Aries, and secondarily, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. A healing must prnd manifesting.

"Forgive us our debts..."

One of the greatest precepts of the teachings of Jesus was forgiveness. The word ‘forgive’ is a cornerstone of many of the actions and words of the Master of Love. The concept of justice and mercy is set far above the Law (secular or otherwise) by Jesus, and put him in direct conflict with the secular and religious powers of the day. So, if you are burdened by debt, or are part of a company, nation or government that is getting hammered by debt and demands to pay up (they call it austerity measures), then you know how awful it feels. What adds significantly to this burden is perception that you’re a failure as a human being if you default on what you ‘owe’. This sense of value, or de-valuation, has nothing to do with you as a person by the way. It is an imposed value, based on a false identification around the meaning of indebtedness and worth. This false value has been used as a spiritual and psychological bludgeon for eons in this world. Our interpretation of Karma, or the apparent reality of cause and effect, has become associated with our sense of self-worth or worthiness. To believe that one’s self-worth is based on debt, is just as insane as believing that paper money has intrinsic value.

Now the engine of austerity is driven in part by the 18-year transit of Pluto in Capricorn. My fellow astro-mechanic, Dale O’Brien, refers to this as the transit that embodies a phase of diminished or limited resources. The archetype of Saturn rules Capricorn, which exemplifies structure, time, contraction, discipline, frugality, organization and bureaucracy. Pluto expresses itself in many ways, but some of them are deep transformation, death, endings, the recycling of ideas and objects, and raw power. In many ways there are good things about Pluto in Capricorn. It triggered the revealing of bad debt, bad investments and the balloon of the sub-prime real estate markets in the U.S. and elsewhere. Pluto and Capricorn dislikes overblown speculation – unless it benefits the 1%. Conversely, this combination resists change from the outside. With Pluto’s penchant for power struggles (or revealing power struggles!), and Saturn/Capricorn’s propensity to be the bad cop (No, you can’t!), then we have a transit process representing the banksters, the power politics, the corporations, and the secret powers behind them. The only interest will be to consolidate wealth and power, and fight to hold on to it to the bitter end. Forgive YOUR debts? No, that’s not going to happen. Forgive a country’s debt? Not likely. One thing is clear- it is becoming a mathematical impossibility to repay all the accumulated debt that has been created ‘on paper’ (i.e. electronic media), and the house of cards that represents it is a derivatives bubble estimated to be 212 trillion dollars.

There are many tentacles of debt slavery engulfing the world…the 99%. Those creating and controlling debt are the financial technocrats who are hand-picked by the central banks and the IMF. They’ve been installed in governments in the European Union and traditional politicians have been replaced by the money managers and financiers (Italy and Greece). It is quite apparent in U.S. where Bernanke and Geithner run the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury that the folks in Washington, D.C. are dancing to the tune played by Wall Street. Why? Because they are both alumni from the same Wall Street investment banks that oversaw the greatest transfer of public wealth into private coffers in history. The Insiders Club only chooses from its own ranks, so they don’t need another technocrat at the very top (or maybe Obama is one?).

Here’s the rub – Uranus in Aries versus Pluto in Capricorn is one of the major billings in the dance of 2012. Next major square (stressful aspect) coming up will be June 24th, 2012. There are four more tense standoffs coming after that, with the next on May 20-21st, 2013. The other new dance partners stepped onto the floor on February 4th, 2012, and they are Neptune and Chiron.

Neptune has re-entered the sign it rules – Pisces, and is now conjunct, or ‘traveling’ together with the planetoid Chiron which is also in Pisces. The last time Neptune entered Pisces was on February 18th, 1848. In that year that major revolutions and revolts rocked Europe and other areas on the planet. Since Chiron wasn’t even discovered until 1977, it was not taken into account at all in 1848. Karl Marx and Joseph Engels published the Communist Manifesto in 1848, setting the foundation for further destabilisation in the first part of the 20th Century. The revolts were brutally suppressed, and tens of thousands lost their lives. [It is most important to note that this occurred while Pluto and Uranus were conjunct within two degrees in Aries – the sign of the warrior and warring. Typically, any squares, conjuncts, oppositions or quincunxes carry with it the caution of explosive events involving firearms, bombs, etc.] Neptune briefly entering Pisces last year coincided with the ‘Arab Spring’ and also influenced the formation of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Now that Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces, along with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, the chess pieces are in place…the stage is set, and there will be much more yearning for freedom, freedom of all kinds. Fasten your seat belts.

The dance floor is filling up. The archetypal urge of Uranus is freedom through individuation and egalitarianism. The archetypal urge of Pluto is power, and transformation through surrender. When expressed in the Aries-Capricorn square, the urge will focus on self-sufficiency and a pioneering spirit versus the status quo, i.e., business as usual. All of this is now touching us in deep and unpredictable ways. There is growing pressure to evolve, to change, to no longer feel the shame or guilt of indebtedness that seems to be a condition imposed from powers outside of us. Some will say that “I am responsible for my credit card debt and the second mortgage I took out in the good times.” Yes, that might be true. But didn’t we all buy into the ‘good times’ marketing that credit card companies and banks specifically sold? Reflection is difficult, especially in hindsight, but the financial boom times were more manipulated and disingenuous than any of us may care to concede.

We’re now being targeted with a reverse marketing ploy, to feel responsible for all the debt, even that which we had no real direct hand in. Caught between higher taxes, lower services, losing our homes, lower wages, and no relief or forgiveness for the excesses of the past bleeding now your credit rating and cash, it is becoming apparent the a pervasive and persistent emotional depression and fear is overtaking many. Where and when, and more importantly how will this all get resolved?

We are now seeing that it is spiritually, ecologically and physically impossible to expect an economic system to provide infinite growth and prosperity utilizing finite resources. This is the positive lesson of Pluto in Capricorn, to live within our means, and in balance with Nature, the Planet, and the Cosmos, WITHOUT succumbing to the old pattern of ‘there isn’t enough’, and realize that as our Consciousness changes, then truly we shall know the power and miracle of the lilies of the field, and the birds of the air, and that the Infinite Supply of God’s Grace and Love is always the superior and most overlooked factor in creating a harmonious physical life. Forgive us our debts, as we forgive the debts of others. This must become part of the way to liberation from what the powers that be would have us believe about our world and about ourselves. To do any less is to sell what is left of your dignity for false security. Stop giving your power (Pluto) and the individuation of your divine Soul (Uranus) away to the money changers. Stop casting our pearls before swine. Refusal to comply is not the end of your world. It is the end of theirs.

MP3 Clip: Coffee Talk - "Money and Power":


“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matt 6:21)*

One of the other aspects of Neptune entering Pisces, and Uranus in Aries, is the individuation of the Christ Consciousness. This has been slowly unfolding over the past year, because Neptune briefly entered Pisces on April 4, 2011, just weeks after the earthquake-tsunami-nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, Japan. Compassionate action and empathy rose perceptibly in the world, just as the full scale of this event sank in. By August 2011, Neptune had moved backwards (retrograde) into Aquarius, and for a time the Japan disaster faded from the world’s headlines and awareness. I feel that Japan and Fukushima will be front and centre soon, or some other ‘event’ will galvanise world attention and open our hearts to our fellow souls. The other possibility might be that as Neptune moves into Pisces, and the square between Uranus and Pluto intensifies, we will begin to see more resistance to the powers that be to impose austerity or use violence to suppress popular movements. The blowback may not be pretty. Although the Occupy movement seems rather quiet or marginalized at the moment, it could flare up quite quickly and perhaps violently (see the recent uprisings in Athens, Greece).

All of this is raising the blood pressure and the heart rate. The Sun’s increasing activity and the impacts that has on the biosphere on our biology is also ramping up stress levels. Recently I have been experiencing ‘heart quakes’ and others I know have had some severe pain or palpitations in the heart area, or in the back behind the area of the heart. Others report sore tense shoulders, tight backs, tight chest, and shortness of breath and the arising of spontaneous emotions like grief, guilt or fear indicate that there is a sloughing off of old and deeply suppressed subconscious content. There’s also been a recent increase of reports about lightworkers or regular folks leaving the Planet because they are tired of feeling unsupported.

Like Jesus, we are being invited to expand our hearts, to crack open and surrender to vulnerability and compassion. This must be directed to ourselves first, then given and demonstrated to others. The Neptune-Chiron in Pisces dance is about healing our dysfunctional ideas and our Primal Wound, and seeking to realize that we are inherently loved, and never have we been separate from Love. Love does the healing, which is to say, it heals the perception of separateness, aloneness, and powerlessness. Uranus in Aries provides the electrical lightning that is activating the heart centre through the Kundalini, and calling to us to stand up and embody the highest aspects of the warrior. Combined with Neptune-Chiron, we move into some of the qualities and attributes of the Christ Consciousness: gentleness with resoluteness, power with compassion, grace with strength, stating the truth of one’s own knowing and being, self-realization and liberation with the intention of creating the conditions conducive for others to also liberate themselves.

We are palpitating with the Universal Desire to awaken into our true nature and purpose. We are feeling the tremors within of what the Planet is also doing. She may be getting ready to shake, rattle, and roll as well, and we are being asked to resonate and harmonize ourselves in preparation. I sense that some of the symptoms I mentioned above are being triggered by cosmic energies impacting our Sun, which in turns influences our Planet, which in turn activates tectonic and geopathic movement. It is well documented that prior to earthquakes animals and birds start to move from the affected areas. Human beings also have heart attacks or strokes in response to the harmonic tremors deep in the earth, which release waves of electro-magnetic energy. Could it be that we are now in lockstep with the Cosmic Plan that is undermining the crystallized ego-created structures, and preparing us all for not only what is to happen next, but how we will participate in what happens next?

*All references sourced from the Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010)

* * * * * * *

mirror lake

Spiritlife Newsletter

March 21st, 2012 ~ Volume 15 Issue 4

Greetings of Peace,

This issue includes a followup audio transmission from Ariel, and it's entitled "The State of You" and is essentially Part Two of the State of the Planet Address from the last newsletter. Very intriguing content and energy. Hope you enjoy it.

Next week I'll be sending out a short notice with info and links to the audio recordings made in Hawaii in January 2005, entitled "Sacred Alchemy - The Sword and the Grail." This two-day seminar took place in Kealekekua Bay, near Captain Cook on the Big Island, and was attended by almost 30 people on two consecutive Saturdays. It explores part of the hidden origins of humanity's sojourn on this planet, how we became gendered, genetic manipulation, the role of sexuality and relationship then and now, and the alchemical process of Ascension. Rediscovering these old tapes and reviewing them revealed a wealth of data that is now dovetailing with many of the issues that we currently are facing as regards spirituality, ecology, sexuality and human intimate relationships. Features Archangel Ariel, St. Germain and Mary Magdalene. We're excited to be able to offer these recordings for the first time, and know that you will be fascinated by these discourses.

Next issue I will return to writing from my own personal perspective, and share a bit o' my journey and experiences since the Winter's Solstice. It's been a wild ride...rich, varied and challenging at times. Welcome to the 'new normal' I reckon.

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Isaac & Lynn

"The State of You"
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The State of the Planet 2012: Part 2

Channeled from Archangel Ariel by Isaac George

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Facilitated by Lynn Paterson and Isaac George. During this wonderful weekend you will be introduced to sacred sexuality tantra massage; a practice which will invite you to awaken and remember your natural, sacred connection with your body, your partner, and with Life itself. For more information, please click here.

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The Ceremony of Original Innocence:
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