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Angels and Archangels
by Isaac George

Since the beginning of recorded history angels have captivated the human imagination, and have played key roles in many significant events that affected the spiritual awakening of the human race. So much information about angels is now available via books, television, movies and the Internet, that it is not our intention here to re-present what is already circulating. However, to clearly understand these Beings one would almost have to 'live in their shoes' so to speak, an opportunity that may not be forthcoming at the moment.

Personal experience and direct revelations that I have so far observed does support most of what has gone before, but it also differs somewhat in specific ways. For one thing, I do not regard these entities as existing solely outside of us, but within us as well.

Archangel Ariel indicates that there are 'lineages', or spiritual 'bloodlines' that connect groups of souls to specific Archangelic archetypes and consciousness, and that we carry each Beings' specific essence as part of our spiritual DNA. Within the pattern of these lines, particular individual souls may also carry specific codes that permeate their physical DNA, such as the Christ/Grail codes of the Divine Feminine, or codes from extraterrestrial seed races such as the Pleaidians or Sirians. Some 'lightbearers' or lightworkers may carry a combination or composite set of codes, and are activated as multi-tasking system busters if you will.

Angels and Archangels are not puffballs or pink bunny rabbits. They can image themselves to our consciousness according to what we are capable of handling, and they do this in order to not fry our circuits. Historical references to the appearances of angels, and some modern day direct encounters with the physical presencing of an angel or Archangel is anything but a walk in the park. In her book 'The Return of the Feminine Christ', Niamh Clune describes her encounter with the physical appearance of an Archangel of Nature in the deep woods of British Columbia, Canada as a mind-wrenching experience that took quite some time to recover from. Biblical accounts consistently portray people falling down or covering their eyes and faces to avoid direct contact with such a presence. My own encounter was awe-invoking, and though full of love and comfort it was also something that took some time to integrate. All in all their love for us is real, but their function and intent may be so alien to us that we can only trust them implicitly.

Angelic beings do seem to possess, or at least project, some kind of persona when using a human channel or telepathing to someone. Sometimes, people will channel aspects of their own subconscious mind, and the results can be humorous, and sometimes they can be disturbing as well. A real angelic will always be loving and compassionate. They will speak to the listener in a manner that the listener understands easily. There are no 'shoulds' or 'must do's', and they never ask you to worship them. Some of them, like Ariel, are witty and use language in clever and humorous ways to educate and illuminate.

Some can be quite serious and quiet as well, but that depends on what the subject matter is, not who they are by nature.

I've supplied some references below to what researchers say about Archangel Ariel in particular, and I encourage you to do your own inquiry if you feel so inclined. I do recommend you keep as open a mind as possible, and begin to cultivate the process of inviting the Angels and Archangels to directly assist you in your spiritual healing and daily affairs. They themselves often will remind you that you aren't asking for help most of the time. This is a gentle reminder that you are not alone…ever, and that you really don't have to do it all by yourself.

Always remember that they are the messengers of the Divine Mind, the signals from the Heart of Love that are ever guiding us and all of Creation back into a full remembrance and return to that Edenic state of be-ing that we still feel separated from. They are the messengers of the Divine Mind, the signals from the Heart of Love that are ever guiding us and all of Creation back into a full remembrance and return to that Edenic state of be-ing that we still feel separated from. They are Helpers that are assisting us in returning to our wholeness as Sons and Daughters of Spirit.

About Archangel Ariel

According to the book "Dictionary of Angels", and the book "Angels A to Z", Ariel or the Archangel Ariel has quite a storied past in Earth legend and esoteric writings.

First, the name "Ariel" is Hebrew and means "Lion of God". In Sumeria, Ariel was depicted as a male diety with the head of a lion. In the Kabbala, the Jewish mystics ascribed the name Ariel to be the hidden, or poetic name for the city of Jerusalem. Some of the Gnostic texts define Ariel as a "controller of demons", holding power over the lower astral realms. Other sources identify Ariel as being strongly associated with the Devic kingdoms, and also as a "Guardian of, and Lord of the Earth". Ariel is also believed to work with Archangel Raphael in the healing arts. Some have conjectured that Ariel is the "feminine" aspect of Uriel, one of the four main Archangels before the Throne of God.

Other titles and attributes: "an angel of the order of Thrones, of the Council of Ain Soph (Divine Light, First Cause, Elohim)". The poet Milton placed Ariel as having been involved in the Revolt in Heaven, whereas the poet Shelly cast him as a nature sprite. Ariel was also the one who gifted us with the model of Lightbody processes in the book, "What is LIGHTBODY?", in 1994.

Here are some excerpts from other channels regarding Ariel -

"Ariel Or Uriel-Archangel of Vengeance, who guards one's direction on the spiritual path. Assists in salvation and reveals sacred mysteries. Angel of North, Winter, Earth, and Guardian of Elemental or Nature Kingdom."

'Melora' Channeling (6/15/98) through Joanna Neff -
"We have mentioned that Ariel is the "feminine counterpart" of Uriel only as a reference point. There is much opening of energy our Jyoti's third eye and crown chakras as we ask Ariel to come forward. There is a feeling of lifting, of lifting off constantly, so her energy is unwilling, or unable, to touch the ground. It's always rising, so the energy is lifting up. You would feel your eyes going up to the heavens; you would feel your crown opening. There is this upward surge when her energy comes in. What we're seeing is the depictions of angels in paintings. Those on the ground are looking up to the light in the heavens and up to the angels in the sky. There is this upward momentum, this rising sensation when Ariel is present.

In the association between Ariel and DNA decoding/energy clearing (which is information that came through in Tachi-Ren's book, " What Is Lightbody?") . . . it's like a vacuuming effect. What has been programmed in that is not optimal for a person is vacuumed right out of the DNA and is sent up, pulled up. Her energy is very vortex-like. Again, we're describing the movement of energy. More precisely, we are seeing things gathered and being pulled upward from the sides like two ocean waves coming together and being pulled up. We will ask Ariel to be a little more helpful here. Give us a moment. We are asking Ariel about her role on The Council of 12. (It is typical of the angelic vibrations that they are hard to "pin down.")

She's being very coy indeed. We're going to negotiate with her. What Ariel is saying is that we're getting too focused on who she is. She would rather focus on what she does. What she's showing us here is that her energy is magnetic. It magnetically pulls out negativity, just by her sort of floating by. She's giving us this picture of her floating by, and misqualified energies are being magnetically attracted to her, and she's just sort of flipping it straight up from that. Her mere being-ness, the quality and movement of her energy, just as it is, has these effects that we've been describing. It's not even so much that she any longer intends to do a particular thing. In her pure being-ness it happens. She is that, and we would suggest that the movement of angelic energies is much more that way, all-around. In the quality of their being-ness, these things just happen. Those of the angelic realm are closer to pure being-ness than we others.

Ariel is seen almost like one of those lenticular clouds. There's a very horizontal movement across the heavens. So you have Isis, very vertical and pillar-like, as the core; you have Ariel in the upper quadrant--not at the mid-crossing point but above it, moving horizontally. If you see her horizontally crossing that center, vertical line--and the negativity is rising up from the actual crossing line, where matter intersects with spirit--Ariel is above that. And the negativity is being pulled out from that horizontal line that crosses the vertical line . . . pulled up to that sort of lenticular cloud that she's showing herself as. Then she is sending the negativity straight up. This is how she's choosing to explain what she does."

Now, this "information" is all well and fine, and I needed some of it in order to help me surrender into the joy of channeling this Divine Archetype. WHAT? OK, and archetype is a Divine Aspect, a being of Loving Intelligence that functions entirely within the will of the Creative Forces. Ariel embodies certain principles and performs certain functions for the perfect unfoldment of the Divine Plan of Creation. Ariel is a part of a grouping of energies known as, the Council of Ain Soph (or Ein Soph) which are related to the "Elohim," a synthesis of Creator Lords. An exact translation of the name, "Ain Soph," would be, "the Limitless Light, the Light that sees and knows."

My personal association with this entity began on a conscious level near my 44th birthday, and I now know that I have been watched over and been guided on unconscious levels by Ariel, and the Masters,, during my whole life. I am grateful for the love and grace I have felt from this incredibly dynamic (and humorous) being. I have been cared for and guided every step of the way in my process, and I know Ariel to be compassionate and acessible towards myself and all of us.

All of the "facts" are interesting, but the bottom line for me is the quality of the love, and the helpfulness of the message. If it opens your heart, and calms your mind, then it is all for the highest good. By this we are all blessed.


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