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The inspiration for creating Pure Divine Love is simple…Pure Divine Love is what we all are.  Regardless of appearances and behaviors, each sentient Being's existence springs from the core of Love.  The life force of Love, the Chi of Awareness, is our true lineage and core essence.  From this core essence, or first cause, the apparent dual nature of Creation emerged. Through the highest frequency waves of sound and light the Unified Consciousness moved into the archetypes of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. As this Dance continued, myriad ‘birthings’ of Soul occurred and recurred endlessly, and we then sprang into action and created the many universes and worlds.  Now, at this time in the Continuum, we are reawakening to our true essence and nature, and casting off our self-induced programming and indoctrinations. We are becoming Divine again through the activity of becoming fully human…for the first time in Reality.

Our site includes a wide variety of information, images and services, and we invite you to explore and share with us.

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May miracles light your way, and “Slainte mhor agus a h-uile beannachd duibh!”
(Good health and every good blessing to you!)

With eternal Love,
Lynn & Isaac

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